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MTSS Reading and Math Screening

Reading and Math Screening Assessments

The iSTEEP system has a comprehensive library of reading and math screening assessments to help determine which students are in need of additional instructional support services. Screening assessments are available for Grades K-12 for both reading and math. All assessments are conducted on the computer using either computerized assessment or online scoring. The computer conducts the assessments by timing, scoring, and entering the results automatically for you in the iSTEEP database. Online scoring is used for Oral Reading Fluency and other spoken student responses (the assessor marks errors on the computer screen as the student reads). Computer times and scores instantly.

MTSS Process

Helping Reduce the Workload for Educators!


Most assessments are timed for only 1 to 4 minutes! Utilizing iSTEEP computer based assessments helps to ELIMINATE paper copies and time spent scoring assessments and entering scores into the system.

Reading and Math

Early Literacy

CVC Sounds

Deleting Initial Sounds
Initial Sound Fluency
Letter Naming
Letter Sounds
Letter Sounds and Blends
Nonsense Word Fluency - CLS
Nonsense Word Fluency - WWR
Onset Rime
Rapid Letter Naming
Rapid Object Naming
Sight Words
Vowel Teams and Diphthongs
Word Identification


Oral Reading Fluency
Reading Maze
Smart Cloze
Advanced Vocabulary

Advanced Inferencing
Advanced Literacy

Early Numeracy

Number Naming
Compare Numbers to 10
Compare Numbers to 100
Count to 30


Sums to 10
Sub to 10
Sums to 20
Sub to 20
Sums to 100, no regrouping

Sub to 100, no regrouping
Sums to 100, w/regrouping

Sub to 100, w/regrouping
Multiplication to 100
Division to 100
Multiplication and Division Facts to 100

Multiply 2 x 2 Digits
Division Multidigit
Add/Subtract Fractions w/Like Denominators
Add/Subtract Fractions w/Unlike Denominators
Multiply/Divide Fractions
Decimal Operations
Signed Integers
Foundational Math Concepts
Math Reasoning and Applications

Advanced Numeracy


Easy to Understand Reporting

There are multiple reporting options available to review easy to interpret screening data.  Quickly identify students in the red zone or based on national percentile rankings.  Reports can be broken down by:

  • Individual student reports
  • Classwide
  • Gradewide
  • Schoolwide
  • Districtwide

Screening unlocks the door to personalized learning, but the journey doesn't stop there.  What kind of intervention is right for each student?  How can you track their progress effectively?  

Let iSTEEP guide you through every step, from identification to intervention and beyond!


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