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MTSS Process

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS):
Tailoring Instruction to Student Needs

What is MTSS?

MTSS, or Multi-Tiered System of Supports, is a framework for providing differentiated instruction to meet the individual needs of all students.  Designed to support teachers and interventionists as well as a School MTSS Coach and District MTSS Director, our MTSS Data Management System plays a crucial support role in their daily responsibilities.  The iSTEEP MTSS system enables professionals to identify the right students for MTSS, identify student needs,  match students with an appropriate intervention and provide ongoing progress monitoring.  This enables coaches and administrators to oversee the entire spectrum of MTSS implementation efficiently and effectively.

Key Components of MTSS:

  • Screening: Regular assessments are used to identify students who might benefit from additional support.
  • Diagnostics: Diagnostic testing pinpoints skill gaps to determine the specific areas of need for each student.
  • Intervention: Targeted instructional strategies are implemented to address individual student needs.
  • Progress Monitoring: Ongoing data collection tracks student progress and helps determine if interventions are effective.


The centralized iSTEEP data management system integrates data from various sources to inform decision-making.


Here's How Our MTSS System Supports Teachers and Saves Time:

Skeptical about how MTSS can truly assist teachers?  Let's see it in action with a real-world example:

Scenario: Ms. Lincoln notices some students struggling with subtraction with regrouping.

Easy-to-Use Tools:

1. Quick & Efficient Diagnostics: Ms. Lincoln utilizes our MTSS platform for a diagnostic assessment, pinpointing each student's unique challenges.  For example, Natalie's results indicate a need to strengthen her foundation in Subtraction within 20 before tackling more complex problems.

2. Targeted Interventions: With just a few clicks, Ms. Lincoln matches interventions for each student based on their diagnostic insights.  Natalie begins with a focused Subtraction to 20 intervention, accompanied by a progress monitoring tool to track her advancements in this same skill.

3. Streamline Student Work: Students engage with their personalized lessons independently, allowing for efficient skill-building without the need for extensive direct instruction.

4. Clear & Actionable Data: The teacher has one-click access to detailed student reports with easy-to-understand notifications.  These reports indicate whether students are progressing well or if adjustments are needed.

Teachers: Focus on Teaching, Not Tasks:


Drowning in to-do lists?  iSTEEP's MTSS process simplifies data, streamlines interventions, and empowers you to focus on what matters most - student success.  Let iSTEEP handle the busy work, so you can focus on the art, science, and magic of teaching.

iSTEEP has Tools to Organize Data and
Quickly Answer Questions!

Why Choose iSTEEP's MTSS System?

iSTEEP offers a unique and powerful MTSS solution with several key advantages:

  • Proven Effectiveness: Our system is backed by published, peer-reviewed research demonstrating improved student outcomes.


  • Comprehensive and Integrated: iSTEEP seamlessly integrates screening, progress monitoring, decision rules, and intervention tools into a single, user-friendly platform. We can even integrate your existing interventions.


  • Flexibility: Our system is adaptable to your specific needs. You can customize decision rules, progress monitoring metrics, and intervention placement based on your unique student population. We also build a one-page "At-a-Glance Card" summarizing your MTSS plan by grade level for easy reference.