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MTSS Interventions

MTSS Interventions for Student Success

iSTEEP offers computer-based intervention programs for both reading and math fluency. Providing specialized instruction for students to receive skill-specific practice is beneficial.  Once diagnostic testing reveals the areas of need, students can begin intervention to provide targeted instruction.

MTSS Process

Quickly Match Diagnostic Results to the Appropriate Intervention with

Built-In Progress Monitoring!

The optional math diagnostic process can yield detailed reports outlining specific skills each student needs to develop.  Alternatively, educators have the discretion to independently determine the focus areas for intervention.

Motivating and Effective Instruction

Customized Math Learning Path

Students learn at their own pace with (50-90%) accuracy to bolster confidence.

Diagnostic tools personalize the learning experience by identifying the right math skills to focus on, ensuring timely and appropriate instruction.

Interactive lessons equipped with corrective feedback promote a constructive challenge, fostering independence and a deeper understanding of math concepts.

Bring Actionable Data Together in One Place

One Simple Solution

Combines screening, diagnostics, instructional planning, intervention, and progress monitoring in a unified, user-friendly platform.

Empowers educators with intuitive, personalized reports with clear recommendations, enabling data-driven instruction tailored to each student's needs.

Teachers receive immediate feedback on students' performance, highlighting areas that require additional support and facilitating timely and effective interventions.

Teacher Friendly

Teacher-Centered Design for Effective Instruction

Setup takes less than one minute!

Progress monitoring is built in so separate progress monitoring sessions are not needed.

Provides a holistic view of each student's academic and personal growth in one convenient location, enhancing the teaching and support process.

Equally beneficial for students requiring additional support and those seeking advanced enrichment, ensuring every student is included.

Offers flexibility in scheduling, enabling teachers to make the most of available time, even if it's just 10 minutes before lunch, with the ability to pick up right where the student left off.